2023 Update

We are no longer taking new clients. We are providing all services at this time via teletherapy using a secure and HIPAA compliant audio-video platform rather than in person at our offices.

We provide counseling and psychotherapy services at two locations in Lake County, Illinois.  Parking is available at both locations and our offices are also accessible by public transportation.

All services are provided by appointment only.

Please call either of us if you are a current or past client who is interested in getting more information or scheduling an appointment.

Libertyville Building
Libertyville Office

Libertyville Office

128 Newberry Ave.
Libertyville, IL 60048
Map to Libertyville Office

Dr. Hoffman has afternoon and evening office hours on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at this location. He can be reached at 847-409-6932.

Our office is in downtown Libertyville in the lower level of the Newberry Wellness Center, just east of Milwaukee Ave. Newberry Ave. is several blocks north of Rockland Road (Route 176) and approximately one mile south of Buckley Road (Route 137). The office is very close to the Libertyville Metra train station. Parking is available in the rear of the building and in the municipal parking lot just west of the building. The building entrance is located on the side of the building along the driveway. After entering, take the stairs down to the lower level and please be seated in the waiting room.

Grayslake Office

205 Commerce Drive, Suite C
Grayslake, IL 60030
Map to Grayslake Office

Dr. Cole and Dr. Hoffman both have office hours at this location.  Dr. Cole has afternoon and evening office hours on Mondays through Thursdays at this location.  He can be reached at 847-529-0558.  Dr. Hoffman has morning and afternoon office hours on Saturdays at this location.  He can be reached at 847-409-6932.

Our office is located in Suite C in a one-story professional building on the southeast corner of Commerce Drive and Progress Drive.  Commerce Drive is one block east of Atkinson Road.  Atkinson Road runs north-south and is east of Route 83 and west of Route 45.  The closest major roads that go east-west are Belvidere Road (Route 120) to the south and Center Street to the north.  The office is very close to the Grayslake Park District Recreation Center and the Grayslake Post Office.  Parking is available in our parking lot and on the street.  The entrance to Suite C is located on the southeast side of the building facing Progress Drive to the south.  After entering, please go to the waiting room, flip the light switch for office # 2 to indicate that you have arrived, and be seated.

Grayslake Building
Suite C Entrance
Grayslake Office